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Book Project

            I plan to draw on my dissertation to write a book for publication with a university press focusing on issues of integration and assimilation, at the intersection of race, class, citizenship status, life course, and religion from the perspectives of a gendered, high-skilled, non-white, and Muslim first-generation immigrants. The book will compare the pre-immigration strategies and motivations that drive both short and long-term migration to the US that inform their resilient humanistic identities. Furthermore, I will expand and connect my research to the changing contexts of transnationalism and high-skilled immigration of politically and racially charged immigrant identities. I will also explore the changing notions of criminalization and criminal identities imposed on Muslim identities pre-9/11, post-9/11, and during the Trump Era. The book will also shed light on implications for institutional democracy and present understandings of how states treat and represent “outsiders”, illuminating the ways in which governments invoke symbolic boundaries while granting and revoking rights of inclusion and exclusion through citizenship.

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