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 My scholarship examines the issues of Race, Citizenship, and Belonging from non-white and Muslim American perspectives. 


 Race and Media Studies Project 

This research examines the construction of Muslim identities in visual media, specifically the post-9/11 representations of Muslims and Arabs across high grossing Hollywood films. This research brings together racialization theory with an analysis of political ideologies that illustrate visualized racialized meanings on Muslim identities.


I demonstrate how films engage in the political processes of racial construction of Muslim identities by criminalizing their gendered identity, dehumanizing their body, and devaluing their territorial/physical space in the context of the War on Terror. 


The project has resulted in multiple manuscripts, the most recent article has been published in the ASA journal of Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 

Migration Project

My dissertation, “Race, Religion, and Class at the Intersection of High-Skilled Immigration,” illuminates the complex and contingent ways across the acculturative and integrative processes of racially charged, non-white, Muslim, high-skilled permanent residents through bureaucratically, socially, and politically structured transitions that begin their migratory paths as short-term graduate students.


The study has generated multiple published articles, upcoming manuscripts, and is part of an upcoming book project.  

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